Sonoma Valley High’s Tali Soroker (Published in the Sonoma-Index Tribune 11/7/16)

A profile on a student who graduated from Sonoma Valley High School for the Sonoma-Index Tribune's "Catching up with a grad" series.

Tali Soroker is the kind of student that every student aspires to be. And if university is what you make of it, then Soroker has basically made it all that can be made.

At 20, Soroker is a Northeastern University student from Sonoma County graduating this December with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics who recently completed an internship at a financial startup in Tel Aviv during which an article of hers was published in Forbes magazine.

Soroker’s love of math stemmed from a natural affinity for it. “It just seemed the most logical choice for me,” said Soroker, on why she chose mathematics as her major. “I really liked the whole puzzle solving aspect of mathematics and the ways that it can be applied to so many different career paths.”

Along with math, Soroker will graduate with a minor in Jewish Studies which she is using in conjunction with her math knowledge. “What I’m doing right now is a research project about the connection between mathematics and Judaism. It’s been very interesting seeing it from a different perspective. It’s really interesting how all my classes are kind of relating to each other.”

Soroker has further expanded her education by working as an intern for the financial startup I Know First, which provides daily stock market forecasts by using artificial intelligence and “deep learning.” Soroker’s primary duty for I Know First was as a financial analyst, taking raw stock market data and publishing articles on the company’s website analyzing the implications of the data. One of these articles was published in Forbes.

“I was working more on their website, writing articles,” said Soroker. “That’s what happened with the Forbes article. I submitted something to Forbes as a representative for the company and they decided to publish it in a list with other submissions.”

Beside her studies, Soroker has also found time in her school career to participate in other activities, such as Jewish groups at Northeastern. “I’ve been very active for the past couple years in the Jewish community at Northeastern,” Soroker said. “Right now, since it’s my last semester, I’ve tried to take a little bit of a step back so I can spend more time with my friends and try to wrap things up with my schoolwork.”

Soroker is looking forward to getting back to Sonoma County but is also sad to be leaving her friends in Boston. “I’m actually planning to come back to the city in May to walk at graduation, so it’ll be nice to come back and see everybody and get to do that with all my friends.”

After graduating, Soroker hopes to start her career in Israel, where her family originates. “I’m hoping to work with numbers and hoping to be applying for jobs with other startup companies.”

After working and interning with I Know First, Soroker fell in love with the startup environment. “What I’m actually doing at work is a little less important to me than the environment that I’m working in. It’s very relaxed and as an intern I was sitting in on meetings with the CEO. My voice was really heard and I appreciate that.”

The value in Soroker’s university experience has not just been in her schooling, but also the relationships she’s made. “The friends that you’ll make there are going to be going through the same things that you are in many cases and you will all become a support system for each other” she said. “I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have had my roommates and friends that I met over the last three years.”

Daniel KongComment